July 3, 2015

How I do it


Create a Customer-Focused Culture

Just providing superior service is not enough.  You need to get the word out about what makes you special and deliver a customer experience that keeps your customers and patients coming back so that they refer you to others.

Making the shift toward a customer-focused approach requires putting customers at the centre of business decisions and consistently thinking about what you can do to meet or beat their expectations.

It’s not an initiative that can be taken on alone, but one that sees the customer experience become the driving force behind everything your Pharmacy or clinic does. In many cases it can mean a wholesale shift in your culture.

Companies don’t dazzle customers, people do.

A customized experience can help you and your team create a culture focused on serving the customer rather than simply providing customer service.

  • Understand who your customers are and what they really want
  • Define what a WOW! experience looks like for your customers
  • Define the steps, behaviours, and procedures that match a WOW! experience
  • Get better at building rapport and communicating with customers
  • Learn the best ways to deal with conflict and confrontation
  • Get everyone on the same page about what is required to truly be customer-focused
  • Increase efficiency and make sure customers are served

Do you know what your customers want?  Your competition does!

Understanding your customers and your competition through customized market research can help guide your most important business decisions.

  • Get detailed data on your target market, ideal customer, competition and industry trends.
  • How the healthcare marketplace is changing and why you need to adapt.
  • Learn about the spending habits of potential customers in a given geographic region.
  • Discover competition by location, size, age, type of ownership, product lines and services that they offer.
  • Learn how to identify, attract and successfully increase your customer base.
  • Attract new customers by playing to your strengths and emphasizing your distinct advantages.

For information about creating a Customer-Focused Culture, please contact , Gerry Spitzner at 1.604.985.4425 or gerry@pharmacySOS.ca