July 3, 2015




pharmacySOS.ca is a future focused business and practice management consultancy, specializing in the business of healthcare and retail Pharmacy.

Why Choose me?

I believe in primary care. It’s that simple. I choose to focus on entrepreneurial Pharmacists, Doctors and healthcare professionals. With an understanding of their unique challenges and needs; I scale all programs and costs accordingly.

With a clear understanding of the Pharmacy and business of healthcare, I know who you are, what you need, and where to find it. The result is tailored support at a reasonable cost.

How I Do It?

The future is not in the rearview mirror.

I maintain a constant view of the healthcare horizon looking for trends and changes that represent threats or opportunities to your business and draw on my Pharmacy business management experience to work on your opportunities and threats.

What Makes pharmacySOS Unique?

I focus on tactics to drive immediate business improvement and deliver strategy based on our knowledge of emerging trends.

I’ll not only show you the future, but I’ll also get you there successfully. More than just a source of information I’ll help you implement because the difference in any strategic or tactical plan is always in the execution.

For more information, please ContactGerry Spitzner at 1.604.985.4425 or gerry@pharmacySOS.ca