July 3, 2015

What I Offer


I’ll help you deliver operational excellence in these three core elements of your practice’s business.

Daily Operations | Marketing | Finance 


Pharmacists, Doctors and healthcare professionals build their practice and business from the ground up.  From the strategic business planning stage to opening day and every day, the business owner does it all.

Other than generic small business resources online, in print or sponsored by the various government and trade associations, there isn’t much in the way of support for the entrepreneurial healthcare professional.

Business Start-Up | A successful business starts with a plan.

  • Business concept
  • Vision and mission statement
  • Written Business Plans
  • Site selection, location and design
  • Financial forecasting

Customer Experience | Grow your business with loyal customers and make them feel special.

  • Customer service policy
  • Make customers ‘feel’ welcome
  • Customer retention
  • Create & maintain a loyal customer base
  • Managing customer conflicts

Daily Operations | Every business needs to deliver its product/service effectively and efficiently.

  • Daily procedures
  • Checklists – daily/weekly/monthly
  • Perfect your service recovery
  • Standards & Operations manuals
  • Crisis management

Online Media | Connect with your customers and patients in a meaningful way using an omni-channel approach.

  • What online tools are essential to your business success
  • Getting started in online marketing and where to go next
  • Identify, attract and increase your customer base
  • How customers find and vet businesses today
  • Website development & content management

Supply Chain | A solid relationship with your suppliers is essential.

  • Review your supply chain for cost savings
  • Pharmaceutical wholesale negotiation
  • Sourcing products
  • Negotiate & navigate the contracting process
  • Understand Retail Banner services

Business Management | Assessments and recommendations.

  • Forecasting sales and expenses
  • Cash Flow Enhancement
  • Review financial statements for cost savings
  • Cost of sales controls; loss prevention
  • Labour controls

Team Management | The right people working together can deliver outstanding results.

  • Make your interviewing & hiring productive
  • Team motivation; become a winning coach
  • Show people what they should do
  • Employee policies & procedures
  • Crisis management and union avoidance

Inventory Management | Get the most from your largest dollar investment and improve turns.

  • Product placement & merchandizing
  • Manage your buying budget & controlling your inventory
  • Pharmacy technology and POS systems
  • Optimize pricing
  • Review supplier sales, sell through and profitability

Brand Image | Connect your customers with your business on an emotional level to create, engage and keep them.

  • Meeting the needs of customers in emerging channels.
  • Logos & signage
  • Develop your competitive advantage
  • Brand awareness
  • Content Marketing

Marketing | Define and enhance the value your business promises.

  • Develop your unique value proposition
  • Patient services marketing
  • Environmental scan & PEST analysis
  • Sales & marketing plan development
  • Market research

For more information, please ContactGerry Spitzner at 1.604.985.4425 or gerry@pharmacySOS.ca