July 3, 2015

Why me


Business management consultancy offering business development services to entrepreneurial Pharmacists and healthcare professionals enabling you to effectively manage your world. I believe that meaningful patient-centred care happens when healthcare professionals collaborate to help patients manage their health condition.

I provide experience-based advice that earns acceptance, buy-in, self-responsibility among team members, and actual long-term changes in behaviour.

You think it…we’ll make it happen together.

With not only focus on tactics to drive immediate business improvement, I’ll help you with managing change and execution.

Identifying the things that make the most difference is often the most challenging question for a business owner.  I want to show you that by putting words to the numbers, together we can come up with a strategic and tactical plan to make the most of working on the business while working in the business.

I’ll deliver strategy based on knowledge of emerging trends and help you implement and deliver an experience that your patients and customers judge others against.  Messages will be created to increase patient awareness of the many services pharmacists are able to provide with an expanded scope of practice.  As well, I can show you collaborative specialized niche patient services that can make your practice unique.

Have great ideas and insights, but don’t know how to leverage them to the public?  Don’t try to cover all the bases yourself.

With a directory of great contacts in the Pharmacy and healthcare business I’m ready to work with you to organize your project.  Drawing on small business expertise and sound judgement from a variety of sectors and when necessary I’ll even bring outsourced C-level part time talent to your team.

I maintain a constant view of the horizon looking for trends and changes that represent threats or opportunities to your business.  My goal is to help you understand what you’re looking at with a discussion of the situation you face and what options to consider so you can press on.

For more information, please ContactGerry Spitzner at 1.604.985.4425 or gerry@pharmacySOS.ca